Building Websites with WordPress

When designing websites we use WordPress, providing our clients with the most control over their website content. WordPress, an open source content management systems or CMS, provides a great platform for creating and designing websites. Since 2003, when it was first developed, WordPress continues to grow as an increasingly popular platform to create engaging and user-friendly sites. Those who choose to use the WordPress platform continue to enjoy its long list of benefits.

Its simple platform makes it quick and easy to make edits and updates to sites without knowing any code or having to contact a web developer to make the changes. WordPress users can edit everything including pages, links, text, and images with no hassle and at their own convince.

Because WordPress runs online it can be accessed anywhere the Internet is available. Simply open the browser and log in to have complete control of everything on the site. Not only can WordPress be accessed from a computer, it can also be accessed via any mobile device.

One of the biggest features of WordPress is the ability to add plugins to enhance the functionality of the site. There are plugins for just about anything you can think of including creating portfolios, lightboxes, contact forms, calendars, and much more.

The ability to add multiple users with varying security levels, allows for the workload of updating the site to be distributed between various people throughout the company. By providing different security levels you have full control over who has what privileges when working on the site.

Structured and coded to be search engine friendly, WordPress can help with search engine optimization or SEO. With the help of plugins like Google Analytics and Webmaster, the you can access and abundance of information regarding your site, its visitors and how its has been ranking.

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