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Improve Poorly Designed Website

In many cases, your potential customer establishes their first impression of your company though your website. If your website is poorly designed it could be deterring potential customers from utilizing your products or services. With our strong backgrounds in both web design and web development we strive to come up with innovative  website designs to help our clients’ site stand out from the rest.

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Updating Website Content

Tired of having to contact and pay someone to update your website every time you want to change any text or pictures? By building and designing all of our websites in WordPress our clients can make any changes they want to their website without knowing how to code or having to contact a web developer.
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Well-Designed Websites

Today, we all rely heavily on the Internet to provide us with a wealth of information. When looking for new products or services and hearing about new companies the first thing we often do is look them up online to learn more. In most cases, your viewer is provided with their first impression of your company the moment they look at your website. Within seconds, they will determine if your site is worth taking the time to look through and if they are interested.

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Building Websites with WordPress

When designing websites we use WordPress, providing our clients with the most control over their website content. WordPress, an open source content management systems or CMS, provides a great platform for creating and designing websites. Since 2003, when it was first developed, WordPress continues to grow as an increasingly popular platform to create engaging and user-friendly sites. Those who choose to use the WordPress platform continue to enjoy its long list of benefits.

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Utilizing Responsive Design

With viewers accessing websites using a wide variety of devices it is essential to make sure everyone who visits your site is having the same positive experience. Many websites are designed to be viewed on a computer screen and do not translate well on mobile devices, such as smartphones. They appear incredibly small and are difficult for the users to navigate though. This can deter potential viewers and customers from taking the time to look through these sites. Opposed to having to design a separate site for each device, by using responsive web design this problem can be easily avoided by using a series of flexible grids, flexible images, and media queries.

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