Technology Services

Technology Services

Integral Systems Corp. will provide you with all the essentials for keeping your enterprise up to date with today’s technology. Our objective for all of our clients includes providing cost-effective technical solutions, introducing beneficial new technologies and supporting consistent, reliable and secure performance.

End User Services

  • Configure, migrate, archive and troubleshoot mobile and workstation email
  • Provide clients with workstation and mobile configurations, upgrades, replacement and monitoring
  • Remove potentially unwanted programs and virus infections
  • Provide services for troubleshooting printer jams, maintenance and configurations
  • Research and implementation of printers best suited for clients needs
  • Provide peripheral configuration and setup including scanners, laptops and all-in-one devices
  • Support clients with management of all devices including iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry.
  • Product management and training
  • Upgrade phone systems to improve productivity while saving money.

Systems Engineering Services

  • Troubleshoot any reported problems and answer technical requests of our clients
  • Introduce and incorporate new technologies into our client environments
  • Install and configure new hardware and software to meet client business requirements
  • Network and system performance tuning
  • Implement, backup and confirm their completion
  • Apply operating system patches, updates, and configuration changes
  • Add, remove, or update user account information, resetting passwords, etc.
  • Diligently work to ensure that our network infrastructures are continually up and running
  • Analyze system logs to identify issues with computer systems in order to resolve them

Graphic and Web Design Services

  • Move existing websites into WordPress in order to give our clients full control over editing their own website content
  • Design and develop innovative website designs displaying perfectly across all browsers, desktops and mobile devices
  • Offering a variety of web hosting options to keep your website up and running
  • Design visual identity systems to ensure our client’s brand projects the right image and is consistent though out all printed, web and promotional materials
  • Design custom promotional materials to promote a variety of products and services
  • Design and develop email campaigns to send out to clients or customers
  • Develop custom browser based software tailored to our clients needs
  • Provide ongoing support, training and recommendations to keep our clients up to date