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Need a Brochure or Other Promotional Items

Are you in need of an eye-catching brochure or other promotional materials? These items can be used to quickly promote information about your company and generate more business.

Contact our graphic design team to see how we can help you with designing promotional materials for your company.

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Product Training

Have you recently purchased a product but are not sure how it works? Through documentation, videos and/or presentations, we provide you with both the on and off-site product training you and your staff need.

Contact us today to see how we can help.

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Phone System Needs Upgrading

Allow us to help you make your phone system improve your productivity and save you money with Voice Over IP phone solutions. Some of VoIP features include call groups, paging, call forwarding, and call conferencing. We can also provide you with wired and wireless phone equipment, headsets and softphones.

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Mobile Management/Monitoring

We can help you with supporting and managing mobile devices including, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry. Create and distribute customized use policies and EULA’s. Register both your corporate and employee owned mobile devices. Enforce user compliance with group/individual policies with features, such as selective wiping of information on the device. Locate lost or stolen devices, and reset passwords. Keep track of your employees and their mobile devices.

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Mobile Application Configuration

Centrally manage and configure your email, calendar, contacts, and Wi-Fi and VPN profiles. Manage your application catalog with secure access to applications on your smartphones and tablets. Approve or quarantine new mobile devices on the network as well as manage both public and corporate apps. You can securely share and update documents and content.

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