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Mobile Application Configuration

Centrally manage and configure your email, calendar, contacts, and Wi-Fi and VPN profiles. Manage your application catalog with secure access to applications on your smartphones and tablets. Approve or quarantine new mobile devices on the network as well as manage both public and corporate apps. You can securely share and update documents and content.

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Email Archiving

We specialize in both Premise and Cloud Based email archiving. Email archiving is a systematic approach to saving and protecting the data contained in email messages so it can be accessed quickly at a later date without using your mailbox storage space.

Mailboxes may need archived for various reasons for enterprises or end-users including:

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Email Migration

We can migrate all of your contacts, tasks, calendars, rules, signatures and archives to a new email address. There are various reasons why mailboxes may need to be migrated. For instance a company may want to use a new email service provider or mailboxes may need to be migrated following a company acquisition or merger.

In most cases, a simple one-time migration approach may be employed. However, more advanced scenarios exist, including:
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Virus Removal

Is your computer running slow?  Do you receive error messages? Web Browser redirecting to you unwanted sites? These are all signs of potentially unwanted programs, or virus infections.
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Custom Software Development

Everyone will agree the use of an available software package is more often than not a more cost effective approach to your application needs. By its nature, the developmental costs inherent to the package are shared by hundreds if not thousands of users. This is helpful providing there is an available packaged solution that meets your requirements, without seriously degrading or constraining your inherent business process. Our Software Developers are well versed in the design, development, and delivery of custom software applications providing timely and cost effective solutions to our client’s specific requirements.

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Incorporating Social Media

Social Media is all around us and extremely beneficial to companies when used as a marketing tool. It can help with increases awareness of your company and generating new business by allowing for targeted marketing activities and directing more viewers to your website. Not sure how to utilize social media?

Contact us and we can help you with setting up, branding, and getting the most out of  your social media pages.

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Custom Email Signatures

Allow us to help you create emails and signatures unique to your company. By incorporating your logo, contact information and other links those receiving your company emails will have all the information they need to find out more about your products or services available.

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Paying too Much for Web Hosting

Are you tired of paying too much to have your site hosted? With our variety of hosting options we can provide you with cost effective hosting for your site.

Contact us today to find out more information on our available hosting options.

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